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We are excited to offer some new Skincare treatment options at Rejuvenate Laser Center! Any or all of these combos will rejuvenate and refresh your skin. Choose any or all and we know you will be happy with the results! Call 828-349-1280 or 828-575-2233 today to schedule an appointment.

As a reminder we offer free consultations if you would like to come in and find out more about these new treatment options or any of our other services!

Changes in Services

We are making a change to our Saturday appointment policy beginning January 1, 2020. We are happy to accommodate our clients, but moving forward we will require payment to be made at time of booking for all Saturday appointments.

We at Rejuvenate Laser Center are constantly looking for ways to better serve our clients. During our last couple of years we have found that each client is different in how they react to treatments.

Beginning February 1, 2018 we will no longer have a package with a set number of treatments. Each treatment regimen will be personalized to each individual. We will work with each client to determine the best option for them and price accordingly.

Customer Loyalty Program

To show our appreciation to our loyal customers we have launched a Customer Loyalty Reward Progam effective April 1, 2018. Clients will now receive reward points for every service purchased and for all referrals that purchase a service. Call today to find out more!

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